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What's in my studio

Who am I kidding, I don't have a studio.

Great looking images come from whatever you have on hand. I have a tote filled with layers of things I have to pull out like Russian dolls. The tote holds the art box, that holds the plastic box, that holds the brush cleaner box.

What I have is a french easel with brushes, paints, and a glass palette. I don't yet hike with my setup. I'm going through a cleaving process to pear down everything to the bare essentials. I'm not there yet, but someday soon.

I have an apron to keep my cloths semi wearable, although most are not allowed in public. I have my medium, which is just Medium W, and some linseed oil. I have way too many brushes, but I try really hard to keep them in great shape. I use a cleaner every time, sometimes too often. I'll pack up and then jump right back into a painting after cleaning them. I do that a lot. I try not to be hesitant to clean those brushes because I can ruin them so fast.

I use water mixable oils, and the trick is to keep some baby wipes close by. They are great when you use these types of oils.

My "studio" consists of my easel, paints, brushes, palette. Pretty simple.

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