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Ultralight Plein Air gear.

I will be posting more on this subject. My goal is to have the perfect light weight setup for hiking multiple days while painting.

I want to be able to stop anywhere that inspires me and start to paint. And, here's the hard part, I want to be able to bring all the paintings back when I'm done.

That means, not only do I need a light weight easel, but everything, including my palette, and the canvases.

I'm starting to think about this now, so I need to start writing about it now. I don't want to wait until I have it all figured out.

My dream is to some day paint in the Grand Canyon plein air festival. Those people are so talented, driven, and healthy. I'm starting a running regiment and will make sure I have the stamina, but the pace at which they paint. OMG. I can't paint that fast. They do so many in a day. And they keep those wet paintings from being ruined.

I'll add posts for my gear, and more for the festival. I'm sure I'll do other events, I'll keep progress posted in the blog.

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