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Prairie grasses

West of Humphreys Peak, at the base of Kendrick is the beautiful grasses of Government Prairie in Parks Arizona, just down the road from Flagstaff.

This captures yet another view of the falling horizon deep across a vast ever expanding grassland. The dew drops left on each blade of grass in the morning leaves an ocean of sky reflections like none other in nature.

Below there is a video of the 12 hour painting spree compressed down to 3 minutes. The grasses & flowers really got to me and I couldn't stop.

Prairie Grasses -oil on panel

This is an hour away from the Grand Canyon, and if you've been following my adventures I try to stay close to my ultimate goal, the Grand Canyon Plein Air Festival. I need to continue to paint everyday and the inspiration from this prairie will be endless.

This 12 hour painting session has been compressed to 3 min fast forward video. I think it's nice to see them develop from a blank panel.

Thank you.

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